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Directors & Office Liability

The escalation of litigious actions has increased the possibility of actions being taken against Company Directors & Senior Officers. These actions could come from shareholders, fellow directors, employees, competitors. Directors & Officers cover will indemnify the individuals personally in the event of litigation as a result of errors or omissions in that advice, thus protecting his/her personal assets which would otherwise be at risk.

We can only provide an immediate quotation where you are able to comply with the following conditions.

You can confirm:

  • They are a UK registered private company
  • They have no previous claims (paid or outstanding) or circumstances which may lead to a cliam under this policy
  • They have no and have not had assets or turnover in North America and subsidiary companies administered outside of the uk
  • They are not involved in telecoms, IT, pharmaceutiles, bio-tect or mineral exploration
  • They are not a financial institution, sports club or residential association
  • They have been in business for more than 18 months and are not subject of a proposal to aquire the firm
  • Thir latest annual Report & Accounts show that Total Assets exceed Total Liabilities (positive net worth)

Directors & Officers Insurance

The threat of personal litigation against the directors and officers of companies of all sizes continues to increase, yet many small to mid-sized businesses are oblivious to their exposures. This could prove to be costly. We can offer Directors and Officers Liability with a comparative panel of leading Directors & Officers insurance specialists.

All products in the range offer executives protection from the financial consequences of their past, present and future actions.

What is Directors & Officers Liability

Directors and officers of companies of all sizes have certain personal liabilities which come with the fiduciary duties of their position. When directors are accused of breaching these duties, actions are brought against them personally and this can have devastating consequences for the individuals concerned, even if they have done nothing wrong. A common misconception is that being a director of a limited liability company in some way limits the director's personal liabilities. This is not the case - directors personal liabilities are unlimited. D&O insurance provides a pool of money for the directors of a company that can be drawn on to fund defence and settlement costs and to pay for the cost of legal representation at investigations.

Almost every large UK company purchases D&0 for their directors. The exposures are so onerous that most business people operating at this level would not accept a board or non-executive position without first reviewing the company's D&0 policy to ensure that they are adequately covered. The exposures for smaller companies are just the same - the law doesn'tdiscriminate between small and large companies - and is some respects are actually higher. Government bodies such as the DTI. HSE and SF0 are increasing their focus on SMEs and the number of investigations of. companies in this sector is rising rapidly.

Why should companies purchase D&O?

  1. Directors personal liabilities are unlimited and in the course of carrying out everyday duties for a company, directors are exposing themselves personally to lawsuits, investigations and criminal prosecutions. Without insurance, directors can end up having to re-mortgage (Or worse), just to pay legal fees.
  2. When a director needs to defend lawsuits, investigations and prosecutions, being able to draw on insurance funds to hire the best law firms in the country is going to help achieve the best possible outcome. Having an experience D&O claims team - on side can also help.
  3. There are an increasing number of government bodies that can investigate a company - the DTI's Companies Investigations Branch, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Serious Fraud Office, the Disability Rights Commission just to name a few - and increasing focus on smaller businesses. Even when there is no initial allegation that a director has done anything wrong, having the funds to obtain legal representation at these investigations enables directors to gain the best possible outcome.
  4. Last year:
         a. Over 1500 directors were disqualified for between 2 and 15 years,
         b. the DTI's Companies Investigation Branch looked at almost 5,000 companies,
         c. the HSE issued over 11,000 notices and prosecuted ~2cases~
  5. Convictions for corporate manslaughter could soar under the new legislation that came into force in April 2008.

What does it cost?

Premiums start from £150.00 including IPT

How do you get a quote?

Let us have our business name, occupation, turnover & amount you wish to insure and confirm that you have not had a claim

To make sure that you are covered for every eventuality, and get the best rate you can is a sensible commercial decision. We have the experience in providing tailored solutions for companies of all sizes, from new start businesses to large corporations.

Each business is different, and your circumstances will require a personal in-depth assessment to determine your particular level of risk. This way we can create a tailored package at a competitive rate to fit your exact situation, ensuring that you only pay for the level of cover you actually need.

It is our total dedication to achieving the highest levels of customer service and in building long-term relationships, enabling us to offer the most effective insurance solution whatever the stage of your business. 

Whatever the size of your company, making sure that your business is insured and that you are not exposed to serious risk requires specialist knowledge.

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